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It's my first time getting waxed, what should I expect?

I think we can all agree that deciding to find a spa or wax center to get a Brazilian wax can be scary! I'm here to ease that tension and let you know what to expect before, during and after your very first Brazilian wax service. I got my first Brazilian wax a couple of years ago and I had no idea what to expect. At the time I hadn't known or heard much about waxing at all, I had a regular shaving routine and I didn't think there was anything better.

Oddly enough my mother had asked if I saw the wax center that was close to our house and I hadn't, so this sparked the idea and conversation of a Brazilian wax. We go online and look at the services and prices and we book an appointment, I can't even begin to describe the thoughts that started running through my head! I was so nervous and the appointments were booked and I knew my mom wouldn't let me back out. We get there for our appointment excited and nervous all at the same time, we check in, each of our Aesthetician's come out to get us and we walk back to the treatment room. I get back there, I undress and the young lady comes back in to get started, she was so nice and she did make me feel comfortable that was a huge plus. As I was lying there anticipating the unknown she looked down and told me that I didn't have enough hair- oh no I thought! She told me I would have to wait another week or so and come back. I didn't do any research and I did have any friends that had this experience before so I didn't know that hair had to be a specific length. Before we jump into the specifics you should know that pubic hair removal is an individual choice and waxing definitely isn't for everyone and there is no right or wrong method to removal. If you do decide that waxing may be for you here is everything you need to know.

What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax a step above a bikini wax were hair removal is takes place ONLY in the bikini line area. As a licensed aesthetician my definition of a Brazilian wax is complete and total hair removal from front to back as I like to say. You could also opt out for a cute triangle, square or even a heart if you're feeling artistic. Be sure to consult with your wax professional on which variation works best for you.

Does a Brazilian Wax hurt?

I like to be very honest and up front when my clients ask me this question and in all honesty it depends on your personal pain tolerance. I've had clients to tell me that it was painful and I've had clients tell me it didn't hurt at all so I feel that the answer to this question does vary from person to person. Another factor is the type of wax that is being used there are generally two types of wax: soft wax with strips and hard wax or strapless wax. I prefer using the later because it is much more manageable and less painful than soft wax or honey wax. Usually the anticipation of not knowing what to expect is the worse and majority of my first timers say that the experience was not as bad as they thought it would be. Lets be real though, this is definitely a sensitive area to wax and it can be uncomfortable and some people never get used to it but there are so many great benefits of waxing consistently. Waxing, unlike shaving, pulls the hair directly fro the follicle and this allows for the hair to grow back finer in texture and less in volume. I've had first time clients call me at their recommended time of return and tell me they didn't think it was enough hair when there was, but the hair just wasn't as thick as they were used to for the amount of time they had waited! Bottom line is you'll definitely have to see for yourself, don't let those ladies screaming on review videos psych you out. :)

Should I do anything to prepare for my appointment?

You can never really prepare yourself for a Brazilian in my opinion you can only show up as ready as you'll ever be. (lol) There are, however, a few general steps you can take to help reduce pain slightly like taking a painkiller 20-30 minutes before, avoid getting a wax around that time of the month and don't drink before hand, although a glass of wine never hurt anyone. Speaking for the practitioner I would also recommend keeping good hygiene before your appointment, check with your wax professional to see if they have intimate wipes available if you need them. If you've been shaving its best in most cases to wait upward of 1 and 1/2 - 2 weeks after shaving to book an appointment, it is definitely important that the hair is at least 1/4 and inch or equivalent to the length of a grain of rice so that the wax can grip the hair. You don't need to trip or anything if the hair is too long you wax professional should be able to trim down to a manageable length.

What to expect during your appointment.

The entire process is fairly black and white, but your wax professional should start by cleansing the area thoroughly, then applying the wax in sections. At this point your wax professional should be checking in with you to make sure the temperature of the wax is comfortable. While holding your skin taut she pulls the strip of wax as quickly as possible then applies pressure to the area to help alleviate the sting. This process is repeated until there is no more hair left! You should know that this is a very intimate setting and the nature of the service is very personal and your wax professional will (should) leave no hair left behind. If you have concerns about the the process of be sure to speak with your wax professional before hand so that they can explain their unique process with you.

The results.

Everyone has a different hair growth cycle, but on average results last three to four weeks, I have some clients that come every six weeks.


In my area Brazilians tend to range between $40 and $50 and of course this varies depending on your location. Here at Aja's Brazilians are $50 and that is for a full Brazilian wax. Be sure to do your research and pick a facility that has trained and licensed waxing professionals. Be sure to account for a tip in your budget 20% is customary and of course give more if you're feeling generous. This is definitely a more up close and personal service than any other you receive!

What is correct after care?

It is important that you properly exfoliate the area in the weeks following your wax. I recommend using our Turmeric Glow Scrub to exfoliate and our After Wax Pads for ingrown hair prevention and removal. We also offer what's called a Vajacial for clients that need a little extra care (steam, exfoliate, wax, ingrown hair removal, mask and moisturizer). It's best to wear comfortable or loose fitting clothing to your appointment because any type of clothing that rubs against your skin in that are could cause irritation. Also, no rigorous workouts or sweating and no really hot water when bathing and you'll be perfectly fine.


As I mentioned earlier waxing is definitely not for everyone, but for me unquestionably it is more than worth it! When I did shave I was the girl that shaved almost every other day, now I wax once per month I can still remember when I threw away all of my razors! Just be sure to do your research and pick a clean and reputable facility and you can't go wrong.


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