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Arizona Road Trip...

It’s been months since the last time I traveled and I’m long over due lol. Luckily I do have a trip planned at the end of this month.

For me traveling is essential, it is not a luxury, it is not a reward, it is truly a necessity. I don’t need a “vacation” from my life, when I travel I feel like each trip expands this life that I love to live. When I travel sometimes I’m humbled, sometimes my soul gets fed, sometimes it’s strictly to relax, sometimes I just want to explore, other times it might just be to try new food, then I might want to go consume art.

Traveling is a learning experience, it’s inspiring, it’s motivating and for me.. it’s one of the best gifts I could ever give myself.

Traveling is one thing that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s some thing I genuinely don’t mind doing by myself but I love to share the experience with others. This road trips was by far one of my favorite trips and first long distance drive.

We started out around 2am and made a 15 hour drive to Albuquerque NM, we arrived around 6pm. We checked into to our hotel, ate and got some sleep for the rest of the drive.

We left around 9am to make it to the petrified forest around 12. We ended up staying there longer than expected, everything was so beautiful and we lost track of time!

We made it to Phoenix around 10pm. First stop was the dispensary and then to the Airbnb. We found a really nice house in Phoenix that had a pool. We thought that it would be warm enough to use it but temps were mild and the wind was blowing. Everyone thinks that Arizona is so hot all of the time but we saw that was not true. There are a few very hot months in Arizona don't get me wrong, but you do get a break. We were there for six days we spent 2 days completely relaxing and the other days we found things to get into. We found a good dessert bar where we got different slices of pie to do a taste test I didn't get the name of it sorry lol. We found a glow in the dark 3D mini golf and arcade place. We stumbled across a car show that night as well and got a chance to check out some dope old schools. The next morning we got up and headed to the Aquarium which was one of the best I've been to so far, they have glass casing in the restrooms where you can see the fish swim by I thought that was amazing. We drove around some of the richest neighborhoods looking at some of the most beautiful homes in the desert. One of our last days we found a really nice hibachi restaurant called Kasai and they did have some of the best sushi I've ever had I will definitely visit them again. The rest of the trip was amazing and relaxing and Arizona as a whole is such a beautiful state. The natural architecture in the deserts are stunning and I highly recommend visiting the petrified forest to see some truly amazing natural phenomena. The Forest itself is over 200 million years old and there are colorful crystallized trees and pieces of wood all over the forest. It takes hundreds of thousand of years for the process to even happen. It’s amazing truly.

I do want to visit other parts of Arizona like Flagstaff and Lake Havasu City. I enjoy hiking and most of the parks were closed still becuase of covid during the time that we visted. Arizona is covered in Native American/ Indian reservations where they govern their own laws. There are some breath taking waterfalls and trails that I would love to see.

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