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Laser Lipo+Cavitation

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 US dollars

Service Description

Lipo laser with cavitation machine works by using ultrasound cavitation and lipo laser to get the result of weight loss and skin tightening. The ultrasound breaks down the fat cells and then metabolized by the body's natural clearance process. Then the lipo laser strengthens and accelerates the speed of fat loss and skin tightening. Lipo Cavitation treatment does not use injections, anesthetics, and no downtime makes it the perfect treatment for fat and cellulite removal. Ultrasound cavitation can be used on areas such as the thigh, belly, waist, arms, legs, buttocks and other parts that are prone too fat. Ultrasound cavitation treatment CAN NOT be done on the face and back. What We Should Do After Doing Cavitation Machine Treatment Procedure? 1. Avoid leaking the navel, avoid blowing and getting cold. 2. Avoid overeating, staying up late, drinking, eating cold, spicy and greasy food, drinking more hot water. 3. Pay attention to the abdomen to keep warm, take a bath after 4-6 hours. 4. Avoid sauna, hot springs or strenuous exercise within 7 days after the operation. 5. You can rub your abdomen clockwise by hand before going to bed at night so that the metabolic effect of weight loss is better.How Does The Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Work? Ultrasonic Cavitation is a procedure that helps remove unwanted fat, it is painless and safe. Cavitation treatment applies the low frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells, once the fat cells are destroyed they will be removed from the body by its usual metabolism and lymphatic drainage. What Are Some Common Uses Of The Cavitation Treatment? Belly, buttock, thigh, leg, arm are the most common treatment area of cavitation slimming, but please notice the cavitation must not use on chest, back and face. Before treatment, you should drink your weight in water, and be relaxed. Take off all metal or gold jewelry. After the treatment, drinking water is necessary to eliminate the fat, keep doing some exercise and diet.Treatments should be at least 72 hours apart, treatments of 6-12 are recommended with a one month break for recovery.


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