4 ounce jar. 

Use golden paste to make Golden milk, a warm, comforting drink that can be used to replace the want for coffee. Since this mixture is caffeine free it can be enjoyed anytime of the day! Use golden paste to make your own turmeric gummies!! Golden paste contains a healthy amount of organic turmeric root, black pepper, ground ginger root, honey granules to sweeten, organic Ceylon cinnamon and coconut oil for absorption. This paste can be used in hot or cold drinks and foods as well. Turmeric itself is Anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotic, antiseptic, analgesic, speeds up wound healing, improces digestion, blood purifier, improves skin health, antiarthritic, helps prevent gas and bloating, helps heal stomach ulcers, high in antioxidants, helps with weight management, reduces side effects of chemotherapy, detoxifier, improves respiratory system and much more! 
Stays good in the freezer for 3 months and refrigerator for 1 month.

Golden Paste


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