Are you looking to upgrade your Brazilian wax technique? At Aja's we are known for our quick and effective waxing service. We can teach you how to do a Brazilian in 10-15 minutes with not 1 hair left behind. A-lot of the time if a service is done quickly the quality of the service tends to go down, let us show you how to do both! This video is a step by step visual on how to perform a quality Brazilian wax in 10-15 minutes and that includes tweezing any ingrown hairs. We will provide a PDF with step by step instructions including a video of a brazilian wax done on a live model in only 7 minutes! The video is slowed down significantly with full audio instructions for you to learn. You have full access to the instructor if you have any question. We will send the video upon purchase (the file is too large to upload to the website.) We will email your certificate of completion within 48 hours of purchase. You will have access to the class files for 30 days.





Client Greeting

Set up

Before care 


What to look for

Types of wax

Body Positioning 

Brazilian wax technique 




Reseting the room

Decrease your overall wax time

Certificate of completion  


10 Min Brazilian Wax Online Class

  • The video that we have available is too large to upload to the website. We will email the video within 30 minutes of class purchase.

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